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This section has Personal Stories from the "Big Book"® of Alcoholics Anonymous, First Edition (1939). This material is available on-line because the copyright for the First Edition has expired. Stories from later editions are not available on-line because of copyright restrictions.
The Doctor's Nightmare
The Unbeliever
The European Drinker
A Feminine Victory
Our Southern Friend
A Business Man's Recovery
A Different Slant
Traveler, Editor, Scholar
The Back-Slider
Home Brewmeister
The Seventh Month Slip
My Wife and I
A Ward of the Probate Court
Riding the Rods
The Salesman
Fired Again
The Fearful One
Truth Freed Me!
Smile with Me, At Me
A Close Shave
Educated Agnostic
Another Prodigal Story
The Car Smasher
On His Way
An Alcoholic's Wife
An Artist's Concept
The Rolling Stone
Now We Are Thousands

This section has Personal Stories from

The stories contained herein are those of experience, strength, and hope as told by individuals in recovery or their loved ones. They described what it was like, what happened, and what it is like now. 

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